Go Live: Wharton Magazine

The process of designing and implementing a new website for Wharton Magazine was not a simple undertaking.  The magazine already had a website running OpenType/RedDot CMS, administered in large part by a third-party vendor.  Neither the CMS nor the maintenance arrangement were working very well for the magazine staff, which lead to discussions of what direction to go.  From the beginning of the process, I was an advocate for not only moving to WordPress, but also integrating with Wharton’s vast multi-site setup to take advantage of the existing framework and the resources it already had in place.

Wharton Magazine Home Page

The existing Wharton Blog Network would also need to be integrated, moving it from its standalone setup into the larger framework while maintaining all of its functionality.  As the ‘users’ on the Blog Network did not need to be users in the traditional WordPress sense, the integration of the network proved to be a chance to streamline the posting process for the web principals on the magazine staff.

I took full advantage of the features in WordPress 3 to create multiple post types and taxonomies to support the various parts of the site.  The Issue archive took the old and complex CMS system and transformed it into a setup that would allow the staff to compile articles and create the entire online version over time and organize them correctly before launching them to the site.

The end result is a site that the Wharton Magazine staff can maintain and update autonomously, building a growing archive of back issues with a click of a button.