New WordPress Widgets

Having been kicking around the exciting world of installing and customizing WordPress, I felt it was high time I launched myself into the even more exciting world of developing for WordPress.  And here’s what I’ve come up with:

Recent User Posts

Recent Category Posts

Both of these are widgets that do basically the same thing, so I’ll describe them together here.

In developing the new Wharton Magazine blog, we needed a widget to display the Editor’s most recent post.  I poked around for a bit, and realized that there really wasn’t a plugin to handle this, so the need for one was obvious.  After getting the basics down, I decided that it actually had more applications than just a single post, and started adding features.

So, the end result is two widgets.  Enter a title, select the user/category you want to display, enter the number of posts to display, and select if you want to display a link to the user/category and the time and date.  Not complicated to use and does just what it says it does.

Before I release it to the WordPress Plugins Codex, I’d like to see if anyone wants a shot at debugging or can offer any tips or suggestions.  Files are at the links above, and thanks in advance!