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Go-Live: Indian Valley Dental

I’ve decided to start cataloging the sites that I’ve done recently, big or small. So, here we go: Indian Valley Dental What the client wanted: This was a redesign of an existing CMS site that had a lot of Flash-based elements, including the navigation. What I delivered: The design kept the header flash from the […]

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Viewing hidden files in Dreamweaver

Thanks to this brief tutorial, I can now see pesky hidden files like .htaccess files in Dreamweaver – server side and local. Because, for whatever reason, Windows just looooves to hide .htaccess files once you’re done editing them. Further clarification on the button that turtorial is talking about: Click that funky little button, then select […]

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IE6 – is there nothing it can’t make complicated?

Here’s some info on PNGs in IE6 that will hopefully save you from throwing yourself out a window sometime between now and 2014: We all know that PNGs are not natively supported in the browser that time (but not all of humanity) forgot, but PNGs are so wonderfully useful as to make them indispensable. What […]

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